surgery for hole in heart

What to do if your child has a hole in the heart?

By Justin

There is no simple and/or single answer to this. Your best guide is the pediatric cardiologist. As I have told that all of us are born with small ASD and PDA. Usually they close spontaneously by 1st week of life. Premature babies often have large PDAs and they often close after medical therapy with oral Ibuprofen or Indomethacin. Rarely some preemies need surgery. The baby’s neonatologist will start these.

Regarding ASD, small defects upto 3-5mm, often close spontaneously.  However, larger defects like more than 5-8mm size do not close. They need closure by 3-4 years of age i.e. preschool age either by operation or non-operatively by a button called DEVICE.  This is a nonsurgical technique, done under general anesthesia and takes about 40-45 minutes. The child is observed for 24 hours post procedure and then discharged. The advantage is this that there is no scar and unless someone does an Echo or Chest X-ray, it is impossible to identify that the child had an ASD. The usual hospital stay is 36 hours.

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