Home care of children after cardiac surgery

Post Cardiac Surgery – How to take care of your child?

By maitri

How to take care of your child after his/her heart surgery?

There are different aspects of care that parents should be aware of once they take their child back home from a hospital after surgery.. Here are a few things to keep in mind

Incision/ Wound Care

  1. Keep the incision clean and dry.
  2. Cover the incision when the child is eating or drying.
  3. Observe for –redness, swelling, pain, discharge of pus or blood and fever.
  4. Do not apply powder or lotions over the wound site for at least 2 weeks post surgery unless prescribed by doctor.
  5. After the stitches are removed, keep the wound exposed to air for quick healing.
  6. About one week after surgery, most children are ready to resume bathing or sponging.
  7. Take care that the child is not itching the incision.
  8. Keep everything like dresses, towels, bed sheets clean.

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